Charitable Endeavors Book 4.

Celebrity Romance, Romantic Comedy.

New York is where dreams come true. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told.

Despite my love of planning, my dream of working on Broadway and meeting my
Hollywood superstar crush seem to be running into more brick walls than necessary.
Still, I could never have anticipated my crush on Hunter Stone was just one Ambien trip
from an unexpected reality.

Now, I find myself lost in his charms and enamored with his passion for acting. Beyond
his good looks and brooding reputation is a man who sends my heart racing and leaves
me wondering if fictional boyfriends are real.

Passion and drive have made all of my acting dreams a reality. All I’ve worked for is at
my fingertips, but I can’t seem to settle. In my life or on my future.

Meeting Celeste Pumper… Pumper-Something was never part of my plan. Her own
passion for the stage has reminded me of a life beyond the big screen and celebrity.
Holding her in my arms and staring into her eyes should frighten me but instead I feel
more solace than my lifestyle normally allows.

Our paths didn’t cross by happenstance. It was always meant to be. Sometimes truth is better than fiction and our story is better than the book.

We are so excited to share the next Charitable Endeavors release! As always, our goal is to bring a laugh out loud romantic comedy to you while designating a portion of the proceeds to charity.  Better than the Book  is a funny celebrity romance featuring Hunter and Celeste, two individuals with a passion for the stage.  That's why we're thrilled to designate a portion of the release month ebook proceeds to New York City Children's Theater! New York Children's Theater reaches children through their communities and education with stage productions, interactive workshops, and in-school residencies. Their mission is to demonstrate that engaging young people in the arts has a positive impact on their cognitive, emotional and social development, and furthers a lifelong appreciation of the arts. You can learn more about their program here NYCCT - NYC Children's Theater.


"You know that feeling you get from puppy kisses, the smell of baby and holding hands with someone you love? That’s the feeling you will get when you read Better than the Book. Contentment? No, it’s more than that. Happiness? Well sure, because this book will definitely make you happy. But more than anything it, it gave me optimism that everything is going to be OK."

- Mrs. S, Amazon Reviewer 

"Have you ever finished a book and then sighed with content?? Like everything just fell into place so lovely. The characters were so real and so much that happen...REAL LIFE. Super relatable. "

- Rachel, Goodreads Reviewer

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