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Help me get my groove back!

Call me crazy but ... well, I had an idea. As you know, I've been slow with writing the last few years and while I have stories that flitter in and out of my mind, writing has been a struggle. While contemplating how to resolve this issue, I thought about what inspires me. What motivates me to start storytelling. Then it hit me -- YOU! You my dear friend are my motivation.

How do you feel about helping me find my groove again? My writing groove that is. In each month's Newsletter, I will send a google form for submissions. Fill it out and I'll choose a story prompt to be featured in the next Newsletter. You never know, that prompt may trigger a novella or even a new series down the road. In the meantime, what it will do is give us something fun to do together. 


Now, the prompt will be yours but the story mine. Copyright is Andrea Johnston and I have the right to use the prompt in a story anyway I see fit.

You will only be able to access these stories via a password sent out in my newsletter! Make sure you are subscribed. 








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