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Charitable Endeavors Book 2.

Romantic Comedy.

He’s the plot twist she didn’t hear coming.


Becoming a book narrator was never my goal. But if your deep voice tempts romance listeners to swoon and throw their proverbial panties at you, plans change.


When an unexpected chain of events rockets my easy-going and chill life in a completely

different direction, I tackle it like I do everything—with humor, wit, and a little bit of my “Hawk Weaver” charm.


That’s not a hardship, though, because it means establishing a friendship with erotic romance author, Donna Moreno. She’s a game changer. In all the best ways.




As an over-thirty single woman who writes erotica for a living, you would think I spend my days fighting off every handsome, dirty-mouthed billionaire in a twenty-mile radius. I don’t. Sure, I have a checklist for my ideal man who I write in my books. I just haven’t found “the one” in the real world.


Todd Chimolski may not check all the boxes on my current list, but there’s something to be said for a friend who makes you laugh and puts on a suit to make all your fantasies come true. Hearing him bring the words I’ve written to life is nothing short of an eargasm, and that’s a box I didn’t know I needed checked.


What happens when the woman who writes sexy romance and the man who narrates it build a friendship that quickly turns to more?


"Andrea Johnston and M.E. Carter followed up Switch Stance with another outstanding story. Ear Candy is the sweet, sexy fun romance you're looking for!"

- Danielle, Spellbound Stories Blog

"This book was amazing! Todd and Donna are utterly sweet and the with sarcasm is endless! I laughed so much!! You will love this book!!"

-Stephanie, Amazon Reader

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