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Victoria Bennett has been blessed with a loving husband, a wonderful son and amazing friends. Always the organized planner, Victoria was thrown life's curve ball when she found herself a widow and single mom before 40. 

After mourning the loss of her husband and rejoining her friends and family in her once simple life, Victoria finds herself venturing into the world of online dating with little success. 

After hanging up her keyboard and focusing on new experiences and hobbies, Victoria is as surprised as everyone else when her favorite pastime leads to a new career and passion for life. When a friendship turns to romance, her life is once again thrown for a loop. Like everything new in her life she takes on the relationship with gusto, and a series of mishaps. 

Victoria soon learns that sometimes the life you've planned isn't the life you lead. It is still your life, just your life rewritten.



"Life Rewritten reminds me that you are not destined to be the crazy cat lady because you've lost love. It's a reminder that love is not just for the young. It's meant to be lived by every heart that beats, every woman that dreams and every man that desires. "

- Shawn, Goodreads Reviewer 

"I really liked this book. Cute story. Likeable characters. Everything flowed really well. Didn't totally expect that twist, was pleasantly surprised."

- Kindle Customer

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