Love Her (Military Men of Lexington #3)

New standalone coming July 23, 2020.


The day I left that small town behind, I swore I’d never be back. I was better than
Lexington and its small-minded residents. No one bothered to look beyond the mask I
wore to protect my heart.

Then or now.

Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way we plan. Having kids was the best thing that I
ever did. Returning to the one place I’m least welcome might be the most humiliating.
The one thing about this town is a reputation follows you. So despite life humbling me,
this town won’t forgive easily, and my past bad deeds still haunt me.


Running from one war to another in the military, I spent years trying to find what was
meant for me, to figure out where I belonged. It wasn’t in the city where I grew up or
overseas. My soul needed settling and Lexington seemed like a good place to be alone.

Then I met her.

She owned my attention from the moment I saw her, my heart right after. Through the
grapevine, I learned Felicity had a past worth gossiping about. So do I. Maybe that’s
why I’m drawn to her.

I moved here for a fresh start, a second chance to live a peaceful life, but she has me
reevaluating that plan. Maybe it’s not peace I need but love that I’ve been missing all

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