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No one knows the secret I’ve buried inside. 

When the unimaginable happens, the past doesn’t matter. Only the future. Only this baby.

The grief and guilt are overwhelming, especially when I find comfort in my late husband’s best friend. Taylor Cain isn’t known for letting others in, but he’s here for me in a way no one else is. 

Even though I’m playing with fire, his arms are the only place I feel safe. 


Life can change in the blink of an eye.

When I lose my best friend, I bury my own grief to be there for his pregnant widow.

Somehow between vowing to protect Scarlett Gilbert and her baby to holding her in my arms, I developed feelings for her. Feelings I question are within my right. Having her in my life makes me feel alive for the first time. 

Between her commitment to his memory and respect for my best friend, we fear judgment for the love we share. 

Some say promises are made to be broken, but when I promise her my heart, I intend to keep it.


"Promise Her is a story of two friends who have lost someone very important to them. Two people that were there for each other after the hardest time in their lives. And falling together in the midst of seeking comfort."

- Joy, HEA Novel Thoughts

"This story is about love, loss and loving without regret! You will not be disappointed!"
- Goodreads Reviewer
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