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Spring Break brought them together. 

Summer Break tore them apart. 

Winter Break will tell them if love is really enough. 

Phoebe Stromberg never believed she would be charmed by her brother’s best friend, Madsen Secksin. But charm her he did. With a kind heart and sexy as sin smile, he was the one man who made her believe in a forever kind of love. 

Madsen Secksin knew Phoebe Stromberg was a force of nature, he never believed she’d be the clam to his storm. With her fiery attitude, self-imposed boundaries, and refusal to label their relationship, he hoped distance would strengthen their bond. 

Join Phoebe and Madsen as they spend their Spring, Summer, and Winter Breaks determining how much more they can be and how good life is when you find the one to complete your heart.



"This series is full of lust, angst and some incredibly HAWT sex! Enjoy!!!"

-Lauren, Amazon Customer

"This is sort of an enemy into lovers brother’s best friend kind of romance all rolled up into one. It was a funny, sexy read that I am glad I took a chance on reading. Phoebe and Madsen are characters that you can’t help but like. There was the perfect balance of angst so it wasn’t over the top, it balanced out the storyline nicely. I think I may have found a new author to check out in the future."

- Janna, Amazon Customer

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